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If your references are less than 100% this means that your referee has not completed the reference.

To finalise your account we need 2/3 completed references back.

How this works

Once the referee details are entered they get an automated email which is tracked to complete the online form.

Please note that if they dont click on their email this within 4 weeks new referee details will need to be entered on the jobs portal, reference tab.
​You can also chase references yourself using the landing page

FYI Instructions for the referee

1. They will be asked via email to click and fill out the onlineform.

2. The completed reference will go to our inbox and we upload the competed pdf to your profile.

Once we have 2/3 references back the rest of the site including payroll will open up.
We recommend initially providing 3 reference details to speed up the process.

Your Status

You can view the status of your references on the dashboard.

If this is showing as zero or pending this means your referee has not completed the reference and we are still waiting for it.

All references are sent back to the referee when they complete the form, so they always get a PDF copy.

Once 2 are back this will show as 100%. And payroll will unlock.

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