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What are the pay rates? Interested to know about locum pay?

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The rates of pay are dependant upon experience, time of day, day of the week etc. The client will view your CV and we will negotiate as high a rate as possible dependant on your experience in years and variety of previous employment. 

This usually works at around double your hour salaried rate. In general we have found that we are able to negotiate your pay around 35% higher than PAs who are going direct to the clients. As well as this you will be paid weekly and but under client agreed contracts which add a level of security. 

As the company was founded by Physician Associates and run by Physician Associates we know your true value. We can proudly say we are the highest paying company of PAs in the UK. 

For a full list of benefits and further information please go to the members area of the website.

Pay Rates will only be discussed after interview and your experience assessed along with proposed hours and days of work

Please see our article on pay on the members area for further examples of typical pay. 

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