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Clients: Information about Locum PA Ltd
Clients: Information about Locum PA Ltd

Looking for more information about Locum PA Ltd or Physician Associates?

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At Locum PA Ltd, we have specialist expertise knowledge about the Physician Associate role as the company is owned and run by two St. George’s Physician Associate graduates. (PGDip)

We provide Locum Physician Associates to GP surgeries enabling a unique opportunity to trial a new method of delivering primary care medicine (try before you buy). We also find permanent staffing solutions for our clients. 

  • The most established Service provider for Physician Associates in the UK, Est 2013. Contact with over 80% of the workforce.

  • Save money on temporary and permanent workers.

  • High Quality & Safe medical Services & fully NHS compliant.

  • App based Geo-tagging-timesheets which are accurate, tamper-proof & time saving.

  • Practice access to the live schedule online software. This enables you to publish a shift to all workers in seconds. (Received via App, Email and Text). No waiting around for an agency to get back to you! You can see the shifts accepted live.

  • Indemnity of our workers covered in full by Locum PA Ltd for GP and WICs

  • A great opportunity to work with experienced UK trained Physician Associates (try before you buy)

  • Our tech enables you to build a relationship with a few regular workers.

   “Physician associates are medically trained, generalist healthcare professionals, who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team...”
 Royal College of Physician’s: Faculty of Physician Associates.

  • The PA can see any patient of any age

  • See patients with undifferentiated diagnosis

  • Formulate differential diagnosis and management plans

  • Acute and Chronic disease management

  • Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

  • Request and interpret diagnostic studies & results interpretation

  • Telephone triage/appointments

  • Face-to-face appointments

  • Home visits

I hope this brief explanation outlines what we do. If you have any additional questions please pop them in the messenger. 

Our contact details

T: 0800 086 9585

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