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Experience needed as a Locum PA & Students.
Experience needed as a Locum PA & Students.

How much experience do I need? Information for students.

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We often get asked about how much experience a PA needs before they can work for us as a medical service provider.


As per FPA guidelines we also do offer student roles - please see our jobs board.


This does vary on the individual but generally speaking at least 6 months in the chosen hospital specialty.


For GP this is one year + employment before you are ready and experienced enough to meet both ours and the clients expectations.

In GP unlike in hospital you have a lot of autonomy, its an intense working environment and the systems for referral can be complex. We have had PAs who have met the minimum requirements and because of poor clinical or professional decisions relating to experience are no longer employed. If you rush into this type of work too soon it can have significant implications on your careers. However if you are ready it can be very rewarding in terms of reimbursement and progressing your careers.

For example Joseph our Primary Care Director has now worked in >35 GP practices and 5 WICs!

'The experience gained from locuming has been invaluble in my career, to see how different GP practices run and how differen systems and tech (or lack of it) is used means that I would be highly sought after if I were to go into partnership or management positions, as well as having insight into better more efficient clinical working practices'

For further information please apply to a vacancy and come to our online chat to discuss further. Even if you can’t quite Locum yet we will be in contact for when you are ready.

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