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Appraisals, Revalidation & CPD Diary
Appraisals, Revalidation & CPD Diary
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It is vital that PAs do an annual appraisal, especially pre-GMC regulation.

A medical appraisal is:

  • an annual meeting between a clinician and a colleague who is trained as an appraiser

  • a process of facilitated self-review supported by information gathered from the full scope of your work.

The supporting evidence you gather is key to demonstrating your MVR/GMC fitness to practise whatever your branch of practice.

Objectives of your medical appraisal

  • to reflect on your individual practice and performance with your development supervisor

  • to help you plan your professional development

  • to identify learning needs

  • to ensure you are working in line with the organisational priorities

  • to demonstrate that you are remaining up to date and fit to practise

  • to demonstrate professional development and salary compensation

More information can be found here

The GMC Annual appraisal process stipulates that your yearly appraisals can only be completed by registered medical professionals.

Practice managers, administrators, nurses, cannot be your appraiser.

To work for us you must have completed an annual appraisal, which has been completed by a GMC registered medical professional.

We recommend the Matrix Appraisal which has been designed specifically around PAs.

Physician Associate Appraisals

CPD Diary

The Faculty of Physician Associates requires documented evidence of members CPD as an essential component of the information needed to remain on the PAMVR. This evidence is required, under membership of the FPA, to be documented in the members' RCP CPD Diary.

All Physician Associates are currently required to complete 50 hours of CPD per year.

The Royal College of Physicians App

The app complements the much-valued online CPD Diary and we hope it will help support a powerful culture shift in the learning experience for consultants, SAS grades and physician associates.

Key features and benefits

  • add educational activities anywhere with the app’s offline capability

  • access over 5,000 approved activities which have been reviewed by our network of consultant physicians

  • voice transcribe development needs and reflections instantly

  • keep track of your CPD via the main summary screen and monitor your progress to achieving your annual credit requirements

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