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Living in American and looking to work in the UK? Please find the answers to the most common questions here.

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If you are a US trained PA then you may be eligible to work in the UK. Employers are keen to recruit experienced PAs to help establish their services.

  • You would need to make sure you have a current working visa or leave to remain in the UK and have passed a recognised/accredited PA programme and be NCCPA (or equivalent) certified.

  • You would also be required to be on the PA Managed Voluntary Register (PA MVR), maintain your CPD and recertify every six years in accordance with the PA MVR guidance.

  • You can choose to sit the UK recertification exam, the US exam or both. Please note if you sit the UK recertification exam that this will not enable you to remain registered in the US.

If you do not have a visa and are not currently eligible to work in the UK you need to apply for one.

A points-based system for assessing immigration applications for the UK was introduced in February 2008. This system simplifies routes to employment and education in the UK to five tiers. If you come from outside the EEA (European Economic Area), you need to gain points to qualify for a specific tier before you can apply to work in the UK.

The number of points required varies for each tier but reflect the applicant’s qualifications, experience, age, previous earnings and language competence. Tier two is most applicable to NHS employers and healthcare workers internationally.

For further details on tier 2 visas please go to

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