The Registration Process

Before you can work we need some documentation to share with the clients. 

The NHS & QOF are very strict on the documents needed for all workers. 

1.Compliance Documents

Register and login via the jobs Portal and upload these documents. Once you create a login you can add more documents later. 

If you are missing any compliance documents please click here to complete the courses. Once you have a certificate please upload via the jobs portal to your profile. 

When you've completed uploading compliance documents, please
start a LiveChat to confirm.

2. Arrange a meeting 

We will then need to arrange a meeting with you Schedule a telephone meeting you must come onto the LiveChat to arrange this.

3. Scheduling 

We also need you to fill out a few details on the scheduling app/browser. This will include emergency contact details, your availability to work and current working hours, holidays & days off. 

This allows the client to see in advance when you're free to work. Please update your availability regularly. 

For App setup information please click here.

When arriving at a site for work it is mandatory that the app or browser is used to login to the shift, this creates the timesheet and allows you to get paid weekly!

Please download the app

Apple app


Scheduling App FAQ.

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