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Remote work

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LocumPA Ltd have been offering clients remote medical services sine 2017. 

-Telephone consultations
-Video Consultations
-Actioning results
-Medication Reviews

Logging in remotely/Desktop screen share. 

We have several clients that use our remote desktop sharing software. 

This highly secure software allows a worker to login to the practice computer with a unique one time generated code.

This gives the clinician the freedom of using a fast non laggy method of accessing emis from home. 

Its very easy to use. 

  1. Download the software to the remote computer

  2. Open the software - a unique one time code will be generated. 

  3. Give the access code to the clinician. 

The clinician will then use the computer as if they were sat in front of it. The clinician will only be able to access the desktop for that session. Each session will need a new unique code which is automatically generated.

Video Consultations

Accurx allows for remote video consultations from the convenience of clinicians working from home. 

If you are not familiar with the process

  1. The clinician logs into Accurx with their NHS email. 

  2. The clinician enters the NHS number, DOB and name. Confirms the correct patient details

3. A text with instructions is sent to the patient. (The clinician can monitor the progress)

4. The patient then joins the video consultation. 

We use NHS Digital approved software and comply with the GP IT Futures framework. 

During a consultation, no third party can 'listen in'. The video and audio communication of the video consultation are only visible to participants on the call, and is not recorded or stored on any server. 

For further information on our services please start a LiveChat 

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