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Preferred Workers: How to offer shifts to specific workers
Preferred Workers: How to offer shifts to specific workers

Preferred Workers: How to offer shifts to specific workers. Hows to offer shifts to others.

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Shifts can be offered in the following ways

  1. Open to anyone who is free 

  2. To a group of regulars 

  3. To an individual PA. 

Here we will show you how to build your preferred bank of workers.
The software enables you to change preferences if at first no one uptakes the shifts. 

First publish a shift. 

The Click edit area details

To select the workers start to type the workers names. 

Once done all the names of your preferred workers will appear and any shifts you publish will go to these workers. 

You can edit these preferred workers at any time in the future. 

If you want to send the shift to more workers outside the preferred list

  1. Click on shift actions and send offers. This brings up a list of workers. See number 2 below. 

2. You will then see the recommended employees (your preferred list) and then have the option to select all or tick the person you want. 

Offering a taken shift to other workers

Similar to the above. If a shift has already been taken it can be either changed to an open shift which published to everyone or it can be offered to other workers.
This show as 'Find a Replacement'

You can select a worker or select all and then republish. As the below diagram shows. 

Directly Publishing A shift to the workers Schedule

The other option is not to publish an open shift but to allocate the shift direct to the workers schedule if they have already agreed to work it. You do need to confirm they can do this before allocating. 

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