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Clients: How to use the scheduling software
Clients: How to use the scheduling software

How do I book a PA into a shift? How do I book a shift?

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This is our overview video showing the benefits of locum PA and the platform technology.

The platform

Once the contract is signed you will get access to the scheduling platform please login with the email invite. 

The Dashboard

The next tab is the location tab. Please enter in the notes section anything that would be beneficial for the locums to know for every shift. 

Setting up

Please change the view settings to 4week or monthly. This enables a nice overview of activity. 

Please change the settings so all the activity is at the top of the screen.

Creating a shift

Please choose open shift of select the individual worker(s)
This enable the choice of sending a shift to everyone or build up a relationship with a few regular workers.

When publishing the shift you have the option to add specific notes related to that shift.
For information about your site please see location settings. 

Publish the shift

After entering the shift details and pressing save you will come across the gold button to publish the shift.

Generally you will just need to publish the updates only option

Notifying workers

You have the option to notify the worker via App, email and SMS, We choose one of the highlighted options. 

The Schedule 

After the shift has been published it sits in the open shifts line until it's accepted by a worker. When accepted it drops down to their individual schedule. 

View shift details

To view details of a shift that has published please click on the pencil icon and then shift history. This will show you who published the shift and when as well as any changes. 

Cancelling a shift

If you ever cancel a shift please notify us immediately via email. Many thanks. 

Final advice 

  • Please change view to 4-weekly or monthly. 

  • Please change view to 'all sites'. 

  • change display to view by total hours - so you have all the shifts at top of screen. 

  • For live 24/7 chat help with scheduling please see the help site

  • The browser connects to our app but its much better for the administrators to use the browser only

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